Perth TOD Life Project
Perth TOD Life Project
Recent implementation of the State government’s infill policies have prompted an increase in new transit-oriented developments (TODS) and Activity Centres in metropolitan WA.  Despite this increase, there has been little evaluation of the success of, and community sentiment or use of, these projects.

Whilst there is a substantial body of work evaluating the performance of TODs using objective metrics of the station precincts, there is a lack of  evidence on the performance of TODs from community experiences and perspectives.

The aim of this project was to compare the success of different TOD models/designs using a PPGIS to assess the social and spatial experiences of local TOD communities.

2 TOD's
811 participants
3325 everyday places & spaces, 540 walking & cycling routes, 455 safety issues
How Map My Say will be used in the Perth TOD Life project
Information gathering
Our first study sites will be Claremont on the Park, Cockburn Central and The Village at Wellard.

The TOD Life survey was conducted in late 2022. All households addresses with 1km of the Cockburn central station and within The Village at Wellard estate were invited to participate via letters.

Participants answered questions on their reasons for moving to the area (i.e., the TOD), their public transport use for work and non-work trips.

They mapped their everyday places and spaces for shopping and eating/drinking out, the parks they use, their walking and cycling routes, the spots they don’t feel safe or avoid after dark, places or spaces they don’t feel safe walking or cycling.

Participants were asked to rate their satisfaction with 14 factors relating to living in the TOD precinct

Key People
Dr Paula Hooper, AUDRC, UWA
Lead Investigator
Dr Nicole Edwards, AUDRC, UWA
Lead Investigator
Dr Julian Bolleter, AUDRC, UWA
Dr Sarah Foster, Centre for Urban Research, RMIT
Prof. Doina Olaru, UWA Business School, UWA
Prof. Sharon Biermann, Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC), UWA


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